Living more joyfully - In Just 3 Weeks

  • more moments of joy in your day-to-day life

  • less stress & anxiety

  • more relaxation, better sleep

  • enhanced day-to-day enjoyment - you enjoy your life more

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Here is a recent testimonial:


'I noticed noticing! Noticing the world around me.

Taking time to breathe I automatically slowed down and with the exercise it helped to create a sense of inner calm and I was more 'present'.

My sleeping improved greatly and also my mood lifted, my focus was much more positive, generating my own sunshine with success'

Angela Grogan


Do you want to be calmer and more present?

I help you by sending you a weekly reminder & encouragement - and you can contact me any time


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This course takes only 15 minutes a day, in 3 small chunks:

  • one in the morning,
  • one at midday,
  • one in the evening.
  • You start experiencing benefits immediately.

The exercises here have been tested & refined over many years.

They start to work immediately.

  • You start to feel 'stronger' and more resilient

  • You cope better with day-to-day life

  • You deal with crises better

  • Your relationships and communication improve

  • You enjoy your life more

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The 3-step model is based on:

  • mood enhancement exercises
  • 'get out of your head'
  • breathe!

The key to making them work is regular practice. Make yourself a commitment and do a little bit every day, even if you miss part of the sequence.

Regularity is the key.

I will help you by sending you weekly reminders.

Remember, though, you start experiencing benefits immediately, so even if you miss a day or so, the benefits immediately return when you start any of the exercises again.

The only prop you need for this course is a notebook in which you record your own journey.

Please do all these exercises in the most positive and willing way you can. This is especially true if you’re not feeling like doing them.

In this case, remember the benefits you can experience by doing them, and do them all as willingly as you can.

Just do them.

What you get

  • Morning practice – 2-3 minutes: Smiling exercises
  • Midday practice – 2-3 minutes: Movement exercises
  • Evening practice – 5-10 minutes: Breathing exercise
  • Videos:
    Smiling exercises video
    ‘Shake your body’ video
    Self-initiated laughter or LAW, acronym for: Laugh At Will
  • Meditation: Inner Smile
  • All it costs is £33
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